The SOOP Acting Company is proud to be offering its latest concept in theatre production – our ONE NIGHT ONLY!  theatre events.

These productions are concert-style in nature and, as you can probably discern from the title, a singular event. Created as a means of fundraising for an historic building,  ONO! continues on to be a vital part of our theate experience!  SOOP recruits talent from its professional pool, as well as local, community-based talent and some of our high school-aged heavier-hitters; the combination provides a uniquely “all SOOP” inclusive theatre experience!

This eclectic mix of performers meets THREE times – yes, I said THREE! Costuming is simple and scores can be carried (although soloists generally have their material memorized). The result is a fresh and frantic take on whatever material is chosen. Based on tremendous adulation from our ONO! productions of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR  and  PIPPIN, SOOP is proud to continue this tradition in our new Studios, so check the bottom of this page for all the latest ONO! details.