It was an amazing night of  FINAL performances!  The votes are all tallied and the winners of the 2023 SOOP To Nuts Short Play Festival are:
  • The Death Of Boson X by David Malouf ($500)
  • The Winklevoss by Alex Ferris ($250)
  • Jan, Janet And Janice by Natalie Grace Lambert ($50)
  • It’s About Forgiveness by Albi Gorn ($50)
  • YOU + ME:  An Exploration Of Deceased Identities And Falling In Love In Spite Of It by Mattie Tindal
  • The Fable Of January And May by Larry Rinkel
A Heart-Felt thank you to ALL of our participants this year and a special thanks to our Celebrity Judges’ panel JOHN TREACY EGAN,  KATE SHINDLE and PETER KELLOGG!  I hope to see you all back here next year!