SOOP’s Godspell & Annie win a total of 6 NYAAs


NYAA 2016
Eastern Regional Awards/nominations

Outstanding Production (Junior Division): Annie
Lead Actor in a Musical: Andrew O’Brien as Jesus in Godspell
Lead Actress (Junior Division): Caitlin Winston as Annie in Annie
Supporting Actor (Junior Division): Jack Finegan as Warbucks in Annie
Supporting Actress (Junior Division): Emilie Kelly as Miss Hannigan in Annie
Ensemble (Junior Division): Annie

Supporting Actress in a Musical: Sage Chase as “Prepare Ye” and “By MySide” Disciple in Godspell
Supporting Actress in a Musical: Athena Woodfin as “By My Side” Disciple in Godspell
Supporting Actor (Junior Division): Austin Kelly as Rooster Hannigan in Annie
Supporting Actor (Junior Division): Charles Pedorella as Warbucks in Annie
Supporting Actress (Junior Division): Meredith Heller as MissHannigan in Annie
Supporting Actress (Junior Division): Emma McNulty as Lily St. Regis in Annie
Supporting Actress (Junior Division): Vanessa Rosado as Grace Farrell in Annie
Supporting Actress (Junior Division): Phoebe Rothschild as Grace Farrell in Annie
Choreography: Lena Gilbert for Annie
Musical Direction: Jim Colleran for Annie
Direction: Paul Romanello for Godspell